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Online admission in India - Benefits

School Information - Get list of major playschools, preschools, schools & colleges in India. Get information on location, programs, curriculum, facilities, admission criteria.
Reviews for School - Get parent ratings, Reviews for schools. Check out and see what others are saying.
School Matching - Search among top schools - Shortlist best schools - Compare them and Apply for admission. Find the best schools and choose the right playschools, preschool, school or college as per your needs.
Student Profile Management - Submit and save data once to apply to various institutes.
Online Admission Application - Admission Form submission to registered playschools, preschools, schools and colleges with online fee payment facility.
Get Alerts - Get alerts for required information about schools and for status of admission applications.  
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Students, parents protest Centre's bid to rejig NEET syllabus less than 100 days before exam

NEW DELHI: The students, parents and teachers from various par ... More

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