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Author : EnrolmentDesk

India, October 2015. Have you ever had the feeling that it was just yesterday your child was born? How did he/she all of a sudden come of age to go to preschool? I had the same feeling on the first day of my son's preschool. I was excited, nervous and frightened all at the same time. Excited for the new journey he is going to start, nervous about how he is going to cope up four to five hours without me, his mother, and frightened for what I might do if he starts crying. Among all these feelings, I had a flashback of times we spend together, which is all of the last four years.

The day he came into this world was the most happy and memorable day in my life. I still remember how his little fingers held mine and refused to leave it when his father wanted to hold him. From that moment onwards, I knew he's going to be a momma's boy. Fast forward to the day he started to walk. I was so excited and so in tears to watch him walk for the first time but all he had was a big smile, a smile of conquering the stars and skies.

Obviously, I was very skeptical and choosy when it came to choosing a preschool for him. Fortunately, I had little trouble thanks to an online education portal. These online platforms not only provide a list of preschools available in your area but also provide rankings and ratings of every institute. This helped me a lot in choosing the perfect preschool.

I was very nervous of his first day at school because of his shy nature. I had a lengthy discussion with his father the night before and he kept reassuring me that it was going to be fine although I sensed that he was as nervous as me. I went through the admission information brochure of the school for the umpteenth time and went to check on him about how he was doing. He was sound asleep. I kissed him good night and went to sleep, still thousands of thoughts running in my head.

I jolted back from my thoughts at a loud horn in traffic. I looked at him wondering how he was doing and he seemed calm. In a few minutes, we reached the nursery. I gave him last minute instructions about the etiquette and manners and how he shouldn't cry and I'll be back in no time. The atmosphere was busy with students and parents because of the nursery school admission.

I dropped him off in the line of students and started walking back. I turned back at the gate and took a last look at him. He stood to one side, twiddling his thumbs, looking around the milling crowd of children and parents, looking a bit lost, but not crying. That is when I started crying. I ran back to him, hugged him, kissed him, hung around the gates for a while, and came back home.

The next four hours felt like four centuries. I was crowded with thoughts like what he was doing, how he was feeling, did he eat his lunch, was he being well mannered. I rushed to the nursery when it was time to pick him up. I saw him sitting in the lawn and just looking wondering. As soon as he saw me, he rushed towards me and hugged me. His teacher came up to me and said how he listened to every instruction and didn't cry. Tears of joy welled up in my eyes when I realized that he followed everything I told him. Just like I said, he is a momma's boy.

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