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India, March 2014. Are you still travelling all the way, knocking on school doors, just to find whether admission forms are out or not? You may not want to disclose your answer but for those who are rocking a "yes" within themselves, there is just one advice: please stop! Man this is twenty-first century. Who takes all that hassle? Have you ever heard of something called internet? Well, then you should use it sometimes.

For those who had no prior knowledge about this, it is just to inform you that there’s a smarter way to look for admissions now-a-days, Online Admission System, namely www.enrolmentdesk.com. Want to know more about it? Then dig in!

What is this?

It is an online dais which provides you access to various kinds of enrolment information related to various schools and institutions. Assuming that it is not possible for a person to visit every institutions in his/her vicinity looking for admission opportunities, Online Application form helps this website to provide you with a selected and short listed set of institutions according to your preferences.

Be it a student or a parent, anyone can register for enrolment. All you have to do is select your geography, class and type. You can even pay your fees online. Once you have successfully submitted your form, you will receive SMS and Email alerts for news. Just imagine, no more standing in long queues.

What can it do for you?

If any Institution provides any updates which it wants you to know, it will be put up here. You will receive alerts whenever something like this takes place. Thus Online Admission fills the vacuum between career prospects and you. However, here’s something you should be careful about. Information you receive will be exactly what that particular institution has provided this website with. Kindly crosscheck it with the official websites and authorities of the institutions for your own sake because the website is not responsible for any kind of discrepancy.

Online Application System is just to provide you information and not guaranteeing you confirmed admission. So, the final decision to get enrolled in any particular school or university lies in the hands of authorities. It helps you find those ideal options which otherwise you would have missed.

Before you submit your Online Admission Form you should go through its conditions. That will help you get an idea about the extent of services and its jurisdictions. Once you submit the form it would be taken for granted that you abide by all its terms. For all those who are looking for admission opportunities, wish you best of luck!


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