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Author : EnrolmentDesk

India, June 2015. Planning one's career is the first part before going for enrolment. Understand what is your core strengths and aptitude before enroling

Sai Kumar passed out in matriculation with A+ grade. Hailing from Hyderabad, Sai dreamed of becoming a foreign affairs professional one day. He remembered the travails he underwent in getting a good score in his matriculation. Now Sai is feeling relaxed, but he knows what is in store for him to realise his career ambition.

Sai was very realistic in his approach. He analysed the education market as well as job market. He read articles that appeared in Economic Times on the future of IT. Salaries are not rising as expected. Automation in the IT sector is fast eating opportunities in the IT segment. Technology is changing fast virtually eliminating yesterday’s prestigious jobs. Besides, there is lot of insecurity in IT companies. In such a scenario what he should do? Sai constantly brooded.

Sai understood the growing importance of arts and humanities. He wanted to create a name for himself and fancied about a chequered career as a diplomat in future. Sai chose ‘international relations’ as his career choice. He researched and found he should study:

  • politics and government
  • business and law

Having zeroed in on his career choice, Sai searched number of websites for the right institute to enrol him for the intermediate studies. He had a dream, he has set a goal; now the search is for an institute that has the reputation for reliability on infrastructure and coaching fronts. While searching, Sai stumbled upon enrolmentdesk.com, a web portal that brings together educational institutes in one online platform. Sai carefully went through the list of top 10 intermediate colleges, junior colleges and found one particular college that meets his fancies. The college had the reputation for providing quality education and it had a very good campus. His search ended there.

Sai example is an eye opener for today’s youngsters. First of all, he did a SWOT analysis on what he can do by analysing his core strengths. He gauged he cannot withstand the competition in the IT field, therefore he leaned on his inclination to pursue a career in foreign affairs.

Secondly, Sai was calculative and had a research bent of mind. This faculties prodded him to search for the right college; an institution which has expert teaching staff, who had prior bureaucratic experience. With this, his aim to gain more insights into fields like: business and law, politics, and economics became an apt one.

Today’s aspirational millennials should take cue from Sai. Instead of going after a field that offer better packages, they should analyse what suits them well according to their area of interest. In Sai’s case, it was his pastime to read newspaper and analyse various things pertaining to economy, politics, technology, and government.

Last but not least, online educational portals is doing a good service to enrolment seekers to find the right institution based on their lifestyle and career aspirations. In sum, one should be diligent in matters pertaining to career. Achievers like Satya Nandela and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam had successfully completed their intermediate studies before taking a plunge into their tech career space.


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