Author : EnrolmentDesk

Do you run a CBSE or CBSE affiliated school in India? Then, you might find this essential.

EnrolmentDesk invites schools to take past/current student reviews on their portal. EnrolmentDesk is a fast growing education portal serving as a valuable conduit between students and educational institutions. In their experience, they have found that a good bit of decision making is made through online reviews.

In recent times, with the advent of online review sites, there has been a lot of noise regarding personal experiences of users with respect to products or services they use. If a customer bites into a bitter nut, then he/she can indulge in mudslinging online. These sites have become so influential that many readers solicit reviews before considering any purchase.

This trend is not just restricted to products or services. Review sites have their say and have become influencers even to educational institutions. Say for example, a parent who is dissatisfied with the way a school treats his/her child, and that particular parent has access to these review sites, the result can be disastrous to the school.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the result would be disastrous. One bad review, if it starts to trend, can totally tarnish the image of a school. What are schools, who have worked with integrity, to do in these circumstances? Of course, use the same digital media to reestablish their image.

More so, schools have an amazing opportunity to gain positive reviews online which turns out to be good advertising! Yes, EnrolmentDesk has taken this initiative in the interest of both schools and students. A genuine platform where schools can pitch their advantages, through stories of students past/current can certainly benefit.

EnrolmentDesk has many subscribers who either are educational institutes or students seeking education. With a huge number of followers, EnrolmentDesk is just the platform you need.

If you are already registered with EnrolmentDesk, you can invite your students, past/current to write reviews on the school on their platform. If not, you are invited to register with EnrolmantDesk and get more admissions.

Remember a good review is worth a million ads!