Author : EnrolmentDesk

It always pleases a school administration to see long queues to their admission counters, but does it translate into real admissions? Is your school not reaching its target admissions? Perhaps it’s time to chuck the policy of making parents queue up for admissions and think of something else.

Top schools in India have achieved a brand value after years of commitment to their policies. It's only after a long tenure of providing great education that a school earns reputation and reputation seems to be the name of the game here.

For many schools, building reputation and trust involves huge budgets for promotion and just wait for it to happen. And, even if it happens is there a guarantee that it would be reflected in the volume of admissions? The answer is a 'may be not.'

The tedium of the process

The exercise of a parent to go from school to school to collect the application for school admission has become redundant and is more of a tedium. It’s obvious that schools have to stretch their helping hand to make the process of admission more parent friendly to see more admissions.

The helping hand needs to address certain issues of parents and generate positive interest in their schools. So, what is this helping hand anyway? The internet of course!

Apart from the school websites, there are a lot of education portals that either facilitate admissions or those that review schools based on feedback from parents.


Education portals in general have been working as third party service providers bridging the gap between schools and students seeking admissions. Enrolmentdesk is an emerging leader in this sector and has in a short period of time gained the trust of many parents by providing valuable information on schools and their admission procedures and schedules.

Enrolmentdesk is an end to end online enrollment solutions provider that connects educational institutions and students in a robust fashion. The entire gamut of services include providing information about school admission, guides parents and help them choose a school for their children.

Enrolmentdesk works with the top schools in India along with graduate and postgraduate colleges, and top residential schools in India. They have tie ups with the best boarding schools in India also.

From the perspective of the institutions, Enrolmentdesk is a great partner to promote their schools. On a portal the size of Enrolmentdesk, it is possible that more parents reach out your school and get admissions there. Enrolmentdesk provides facilities of accepting application forms from prospective students and forward it to your schools. This means parents would be motivated to go online rather than going all the way to the school.

Enrolmentdesk is already the favorite of many parents for the number of schools and colleges it has in its purview.

Enrolmentdesk is now inviting preschool brands to use their website for promotion of their preschool and also liaise on their behalf to accept application forms. This is a profitable opportunity considering the ROI from using this portal instead of regular promotional campaigns.