Author : EnrolmentDesk

"Children learn as they play. Most importantly in play, children learn how to learn." ~ O. Fred Donaldson

Babies have a natural curiosity to learn! They observe their surroundings, they listen when you talk to them and try to understand the meaning associating your expressions and emotions. You use rattle and other interesting objects to entertain and catch your child’s attention. They respond to you with their eyes and smiles. Babies have inborn desire to learn the world they have just entered. As they grow a little more, they put every object they come across in their mouth to learn the taste. They explore every possible plan to do the things they have just learned, out of curiosity.

As they grow older, your role becomes even more crucial for kids' curiosity. Despite you giving best of your time to the kid, the growth is still limited to four walls. At this tender age, the more your child interacts with the world, the more he/she will learn. Professional mentoring at a good pre-school will help you and your child.

You must have faced your 2 years old’s never-ending list of questions. They are basics yet so amusing. Did you know that your child’s intelligence quotient is decided at the elementary level itself? That's why pre-schooling is important for your child, right from 1.8 years and above. They will learn by interacting with the real world. It is their curiosity to learn that will help them excel later in life. Pre-school fuels that spark to your child's curiosity! Here's how -

Innovative Ways to Learn Linguistics Now innovative ways have come up to learn alphabets and other nuances of speech, such as identifying the blocks of alphabets in chronological orders, rightly pronouncing the everyday objects, engaging in dialogues etc. No matter, how hard you try at home, yet you may miss some important aspects of the language. Hence, pre-schooling will help your child to build the speech not only via regular learning methods but interacting too! Just like EuroKids do through its ‘SPEAK’ curriculum. Do check it!

Indulging in Interactive Activities Storytelling is the best way to communicate a message to everyone. The same stands true for your child. Stories will create curiosity in your child's mind. You lack various methods that may aid your child’s learning. Hence, sending your child to pre-school will not only help in shaping the mind but will also make him/her confident of the skills. Have you ever heard of Motion Based Learning programmes? You'll be amused to learn more about this fabulous curriculum!

Toying with The Toys At home, your child chooses the toy according to the mood. But wait! It is critical that you direct your child’s curiosity in the right direction and let them explore the world. Preschools provide an abundance of toys, for example, EuroKids has a toy library that can be your child’s little universe too, to explore different planets, countries, and characters, which will enhance logical reasoning skills, abstract thinking and visual intelligence etc.

Direct Little Dramas of Life If you wish to make your kid learn not to speak to a stranger, maybe a direct lecture won't work. Nothing can replace the learnings through actions. When your child will interact with fellow mates, play the role of ‘Gandhi Ji' on Gandhi Jayanti or ‘Lord Krishna' on Janmashtami, dress like a tree on environment day, meet Santa Claus on Christmas, or play with puppets, he/she will learn the most. So, in a good pre-school the teachers put their best efforts in the easiest manner to spark your child’s inquisitiveness, in order to bring out the best in them!

Your education and affluence are no substitute for experience. And Pre-school proves to be valuable not only for your child’s development but also equally valuable for your development as parents. Like most parents, we all have apprehensions about sending our child to a pre-school. There are a lot of good pre-schools out there one of them is EuroKids. It’s a great place to nurture your child while you are off doing grown-up things. What you will appreciate here, is that it is not only a safe and joyful place for your child, but it also provides them with skills and learning for life. Want your child to experience a perfect pre-school? Then visit your nearest EuroKids Pre-School today!