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How CBSE school education act as a pillar to the economy? From CBSE to engineering; engineering to manufacturing; from manufacturing to economic growth... A closer look in the links that contribute to nation’s growth.

An article titled CBSE reviews 3 tough Class XII papers in the Tribune April 2, 2015, described the importance of CBSE education. The news highlighted what acts as roadblock to students’ aim to get admissions in engineering. As JEE for nation’s premier institutions give importance to Class XII board marks, students demand grace marks for CBSE Class XII physics paper. HRD ministry is examining this issue. Source:

Meritorious students give first importance to engineering education, secondly management education. As the industry demands for more quality in education CBSE is vital to catch up with the fast changing and emerging markets. In such a scenario, there is a renewed emphasis on CBSE and more on CBSE recognised schools as well as the best CBSE schools in India.

The new buzzword is study globally, think locally

Work locally, think globally is passe. Today the companies are shifting strategies from being global to remaining local. In CBSE context, it is study globally, think locally; a new buzzword has emerged. May be a bit confusing for some. One reason probably may be the unwillingness to change in the way the markets do. To markets, the only constant thing is change. The change has its effect in all spheres, impacting everything in its way. Education is no exception. Therefore to survive is to be a part of the change globally, which means educate globally in line with the changes and think locally, to be specific apply global thoughts locally.

In such a scenario, there should be a consensus to imbibe global changes locally and be a part and parcel of those who respond to those changes. Infrastructure and resources are key determinants to identify the best education. In the beginning we saw the apprehension of students to pursue engineering. And the apprehension is Class XII papers that come in the way to get admissions in the elite engineering institutes. Nation’s premier institutes like IITs are gateways for skilling and upgrading the skills or best agents of change in terms of responding to markets.

Because of the stronger reasons found above, there is a need to gain insights on CBSE. Therefore think on:

  • Why CBSE education?
  • Which are the CBSE affiliated schools?
  • Which are the CBSE recognised schools?
  • The Best CBSE schools in India


Need we stop after getting answers to these questions? Why? We have already seen in the beginning the ambition of meritorious students to pursue engineering. Economies are sustained by manufacturing. A nation’s very existence hinges on its manufacturing prowess. This is better understood by none other than Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi who spearheaded a campaign called Make in India.

CBSE prepares students for engineering exam

Investments in share markets will not give abiding economic growth. Only massive investments in manufacturing take our country to the first world. We have the demographic advantage. But this advantage will become a huge disadvantage if skilled manpower is not developed. That is why exactly we need skilled engineers. Only quality education develops skilled manpower. One of the main aims of CBSE is to prepare students for the engineering exam.

Ambition reshape happens with CBSE schools education. From CBSE to engineering; engineering to manufacturing; from manufacturing to economic growth. The link is clearly visible now. At this point, there is a requirement for an online platform for enrolment seekers to research on CBSE schools. Here comes the relevance of EnrolmentDesk an online platform for educational institutes.