Author : EnrolmentDesk

Online School Admission System, as the name implies, helps schools to automate the admission procedure. Increasing number of students seeking admission is causing tremendous pressure on the school management system to manage and conduct admission process manually. Parents also have to constantly relocate due to the nature of their jobs. With relocation and trying to settle in the new city, it is difficult to go through the admission process manually. Hence opting for online admission is inevitable.

An online enrollment system can collect all the information into a central hub, making it easy to access and modify. Registration information is instantly added to the database without the need to enter the information into a register by hand. This dramatically speeds up the registration process, frees up employees to do more useful tasks and increases accuracy by cutting down on the number of data entry errors. Errors such as false addresses and wrong entry of names and age can lead to serious repercussions. These can be easily avoided.

Online school admission system automates the admission structure and its related operations and functionality. Some of the advantages of Online admission system are:

  • Online application: Admission form submission to the desired schools with online payment facility.
  • Avoid hectic submission process: Allows candidates/students to fill application form at their convenient time in a comfortable environment.
  • Institute information: On almost every school including their admission procedures, programs etc.
  • Institute reviews: Reviews and ratings on almost all schools. Check out what other students or parents are saying about a school.
  • Institute matching: Compare schools and find the best one matching requirements.
  • Student profile management: Submit and save data once to apply to various schools.

Many parents are satisfied with the new system and are thrilled at not having to stand in queues for hours together for applications. One of the parents shared the experience, when he was able to seek admission for his second child by applying online, was very different from the ordeal he endured five years ago for his first child. "I remember standing in a queue in front of a school in the rain armed with just an umbrella to get the application. I am relieved I didn't have to go through the same experience this time," said the parent.

The online system has made the process easier for schools as well. Now, they can download the data easily and analyse it. Once the child is admitted, the data can be uploaded into the school registry in a single click. The only thing left to make admissions more transparent is for the schools to hold an open house before the admission process to tell parents what the school has to offer and field questions from parents.

So, if you are a parent or a school administrator and would like to learn more, visit one of the online education portals. They assist you with online enrolment, student registration and communication on various topics. Online education portals helps schools and parents stay in touch beyond enrolment and highlights the relevance and usefulness of using an online registration platform.