Author : EnrolmentDesk

My son reminds me of a popular advertisement aired on TV recently. In that ad, the son always buries his nose in the smartphone and wears an impish face while the father is totally vexed with that kind of behaviour.

How typical I thought! How well these advertisers find a stereotype for the youth of this generation. But, to my bafflement, my son turned out to be the same as the kid in the ad.

The reason I go about comparing my son to the kid in the ad is that I wanted him to go get the applications for colleges instead of sitting idle at home. After finishing his intermediate, he got very stubborn and just wanted to sit at home and play with his smartphone.

He would cite reasons of long distances, tedious bus journeys to go get the applications from colleges. He said that he could do it on his smartphone. Back in our days, we used to go to the colleges, collect application forms, and get a feel of the college campus. How times have changed!

Unable to bear his approach, I just mentally decided to give him and his online college admission system a 15-day period to prove their worth. All these 15 days, whenever I saw him, he was just chatting about colleges with his friends. Was this a ruse to something else?

At the end of the first week, he came up with four application forms for admission into colleges, he felt, would suit him. He said he even had a tour of the campus online! and had a chat with senior students of that college on Facebook. This, I just brushed it off as a superficial exercise and asked him to do some real work.

By the end of the second week, his whole gang decided on a college and submitted their application forms too! Taking control of the situation, I went to the college myself. To my surprise, the college was quite good and I couldn’t have done the job well myself.

Like the kid in the ad, who lazes and pays bills on the phone, my kid found a good college for himself. This is an eyeopener for me and I wish to share this with many conservative parents like me.

Times have changed! This is the age of online education, I mean online school admissions, and online admission applications. We must also actively seek online portals to search out good educational institutions for our children.