Author : EnrolmentDesk

Recently, my daughters got their admission in Billabong High International School Malad, Mumbai. From then on, for some days, I had to bear with them raving on how great the school was. I was quite happy for the fact that I could choose a school that had great standards and made my kids happy too.

It all started last year when I was searching for a great school in Mumbai. I was looking for a renowned international school that not only had high standards but also generous co-curricular activities. My target areas were Kandivali, Malad, and Borivali. And, since distance was not a huge factor for me, I started to look out for schools.

My initial approach was a bit rusty, but I was looking for teaching methodologies of various schools, how they treated the children, the culture of the school, and the teaching staff. I joined a few discussions on various online forums and posted a question. There were numerous answers that confirmed Billabong High as a good school if distance was not a factor.

Later, I realized that apart from the parameters I was aware of, student/teacher ratio, the board, and the campus infrastructure had to be taken into consideration. Moreover, I didn't want my daughters to be friends with the wrong kind. And the search continued!

My aunt who retired as a teacher suggested that CBSE was a better option - so one issue resolved. Then, participation on the online forums, my enquiries with colleagues, and online reviews had all pointed towards Billabong High Mallad. To be doubly sure, I made a visit to the school.

My drive to Bhoomi Park, Marve Road, Malad West was uneventful, and as I stood in front of the school, the colorfully painted edifice impressed me immediately. A look at the library, and the laboratory was enough for me to understand that the management of this school had a clear vision. One of the teachers told me that students need to carry only reference material and worksheets home leaving the textbooks, notebooks, and articles in the class. Well, this was not the case with us. We had to carry huge bags to school and back home!

The chairperson Lisa Ashar started with one preschool in Bandra back in 1993 and now it is a group with 73 schools. This impressed me. The principal of the Malad branch, Dr. Madhu Singh, has more than 14 years of experience in heading international schools.

The admission procedure was quite transparent. My daughters had to undergo a competency test, which they passed with ease. The management of the school told me that the test would help them understand the level of support a student needs to excel. The procedure was on a first come first serve basis, and luckily my daughters got admitted immediately.

I furnished a copy of my daughters' birth certificates, two passport sized photographs along with the admission forms. The formalities were done with pretty fast and now my kids are quite happy. They have made new friends, and the teachers are patient and helpful.

This is my experience with the school till now. I invite others to share their experience of Billabong High International School Malad so that other parents would find it easy to review the school. Please comment and post reviews.