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Billabong is water lagoon in Wirradjirri, the language of Australian aboriginal tribes. It also means a lagoon fed by the fresh spring waters, a sacred place for the Australian aborigines. Now, the school has come up with this as their name, as it symbolizes a complete mini ecosystem. Billabong High aims to provide a complete ecosystem that nurtures intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual faculties of their students.

Does this make the school sound exotic? If you go by the name maybe! But, what's in a name? We parents look for schools that actually make our children future perfect, and mere names are not enough. So, I did some research on this school only to find out that the name does justify their deeds!

BIllabong high has sister association with Billanook College of Australia. This has proved to be a fruitful association that aids shared resources, student and faculty exchange, and to maintain a high standard of education. And, this is reflected in their methodology of teaching. They say that it is important to help children learn rather than instructors teaching rhetorically.

Billabong High International Schools offer ICSE, CBSE, and IGCSE syllabi. And, Billabong High International School Santacruz, Mumbai is affiliated to the IGCSE syllabus. Equipped with infrastructure that is well suited for an international school, the school has an esteemed board of celebrity advisors -Tina Anil Ambani, former Indian cricket captain Ravi Shastri, Dr. Ishaverlal Desai, Dr. Richard Johnson, and Mr. Prahlad Kakkar to name a few.

With the shared vision of luminaries like these, Billabong High sure has the capability to execute great projects and activities. This is reflected in the student daily activities. They are not tied to books all day and they have the luxury of enriching extracurricular activities. To my surprise, they have a whole lot of them!

  • Speech & Drama
  • Swimming
  • Chess
  • Basketball
  • Gymnastics
  • Roller Skating
  • Martial Arts
  • Cricket
  • Dance Band
  • Jazz
  • Yoga

A visit to the school made me realise the work they had put in to make the infrastructure student friendly. A well stocked library, great laboratories, computer centers, dining hall, canteen, sick bay, assembly hall, and an audio/visual center. I just wished I was in such a school! But, at least my children can!

The thing that impressed me most is their holistic approach towards education. Their emphasis on multiple intelligence actually makes children fit for any profession in the future.

I first started my journey to this school in Juhu Tara Road with the impression that it just had a fancy name, but it was only after my tour to the place that I realized that it was indeed a great school. Out of curiosity, I asked them on the admission procedures and here too another preconception of mine was busted. It is an elite school with admissions open for any talented students.

I have made up my mind to get my son admitted in this school the next year. If your child is a student of Billabong High Santacruz, I request you to please comment and post a review on this school.