Author : EnrolmentDesk

A promise to deliver far more than educational curriculum in the vision statement of Gowtham Model High School looks credible after they have achieved a place in the parents’ minds as a trustworthy educational institution.

After its inception in 1984, Gowtham Model High School has evolved into a pioneer in providing global class education. From the beginning, their core ideology was to imbibe student-centric teaching methodologies that provide holistic education.

It is the global perspective for education that set things for Gowtham. As against the traditional mode of education in India where there is only emphasis on academics, Gowtham has been able to include a whole array of activities that inculcate the values of global standards.

The range of activities apart from academics gives Gowtham its global edge. Activities from sports, games, to arts like dance, drama, and painting are hugely encouraged. For that matter yoga is given a lot of importance.

The infrastructure

  1. Modern hostels: A spacious 50,000 sq ft hostel with modern amenities.
  2. Science labs: Modern labs for Botany, Zoology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  3. State of the Library decked with a wide catalogue of topics including academics and non academics.
  4. Audio visual labs.
  5. Language labs.
  6. Clubs including painting, dance and drama.

Pro Academics

With their alliance with the K2 Techno Services that has around 53 schools and 10 junior colleges under its purview, and provide quality solutions for effective management of an educational institution, Gowtham has provided better administration, integration across GMS schools and world class education.

Their emphasis on modern teaching-learning techniques have helped them gain accolades all over the country. This they have achieved alongside providing an environment of positivity in their campuses. Be it Gowtham Concept School or Gowtham High School, the standards of education are certainly a class apart.


Initiatives like the eco-efforts started by Gowtham School have been very successful in inculcating the ideologies of recycling, and promotion of eco-friendly materials. Students are encouraged to participate in competitions like essay writing, and painting with these themes regularly. Celebration of Earth Day is also done by planting trees.

Overall, Gowtham Schools have done exceptionally well in not only providing quality academics, but have also ensured that students are well equipped to face the competitive world once they complete their education.