Author : EnrolmentDesk

If there is a mode of education that has stood the test of time in India, then it is the CBSE mode. It has evolved over time taking in inputs from various forms of education. Changing syllabus, yet retaining the core idea of education has been the reason for CBSE's success.

I studied in the CBSE mode of education and I preferred the same for my children. The reason for it is its national presence, its core values of education, and its success rate.

I have to say that I bagged a good job not for my scholastic excellence, but for my good English. I learnt this language from the company of my school mates. We all used to speak only in English, and by our ninth grades, we were quite proficient in that language.

For my children, I wanted a strong base so that they were good at all subjects and would excel in their studies. The times have changed. It’s no longer like ours. We got jobs just because we were good at English. Now, there are so many who are good at English that it would be foolhardy to think that being good at it would give them jobs.

CBSE is Relevant

When I decided that my children are going to join CBSE, the premise is that it is relevant in the present day. Not only is the syllabus contemporary, it is well balanced. The sciences and the arts are evenly balanced and one is not pressurised to excel in only one stream.

So, while going about, I confidently looked into the CBSE schools list, scanned it for the best faculty and great playgrounds ( I don’t want my kids to be nerds you know), and started searching for a good school.

I was not averse to the idea of joining my kids in a CBSE recognised school also. The reason for this is that there are many private schools that have lot of open grounds, and very high standards of education that can match with the best of any schools in India.

The lists

So, I went through the list of CBSE affiliated schools in India, and filtered a few schools. Not stopping at that, I took the search to another level by going through CBSE recognised schools list, and CBSE schools list and finally shortlisted five schools.

After a lot of research, I decided on the right school, and thanks to my stars, my children got admission into the school with the help of an online education portal.

The point here in struggling for an admission in a CBSE school for my children is that CBSE is known for its constant evolution and transformation, keeping in mind the core ideologies of education in the changing times. It has delivered good education for many generations and would continue to do so.