Create your 'best list' qualitatively

Parents want to educate their children in the best schools. Since every organisation claims to be 'the best' making it difficult to narrow down choices, they look for a ‘list of best schools’ from the net. The choice is for CBSE schools or colleges for better infrastructure, the institution that made newspaper headlines et al. For some, the quest is for ‘affordable best school or colleges’. This group sees the offers of an institution fit into their budget.

Search for the best CBSE school

Although infrastructure is important, a CBSE school should provide quality teaching. Traditionally, faculties are hired based on their stellar academic records. But the question is whether they are communicative, approachable or making the students to understand? Institutions can excel by employing visiting faculties from industries who can impart their knowledge based on their practical experiences and narrate their experiences on various challenges they faced. This can be an ideal strategy for low budget CBSE schools to stay ahead in competition. If schools who offer lesser fee to attract students but at the same time give results by incubating talent, that will be of great help to the economy. This is going to be a win win situation where part time faculties will make money by the side and schools and student community benefited with industry knowledge.

Choosing a preschool

When it comes to preschools, parents search for a list of schools based on infrastructure once again. But wait a moment! The quest for the best infrastructure is always good, but does the particular pre school has caring, motherly faculties? If the pre primary teacher has expertise in storytelling, this particular skill will be of great help for the intellectual nourishing for the apple of your eye. Pay for caring schools, to be specific those who have teachers who can show motherly love and care for your tender ones. Now create a list of school which has the above mentioned qualities.

Choosing PG and degree colleges

The biggest challenge is to create a ‘best list’ for PG and degree colleges. surveys state that industries look for candidates from best colleges. Getting admission in IIT and IIM is certainly a daunting task. If your sons/daughters have the ability to crack JEE/CAT, then no need for creating ‘the best list’ as you are already in the best list. At this crucial juncture, you have to do certain amount of research. As your friends’ children who are already placed through campus placements, their experience on getting selected, feedback on college’s reputation for selection etc. You may also use social media channels like facebook, twitter to share information from the student community, newly joined employees from the corporates for information gathering. This will enable you to make the right choice.

The bottomline here is - there are several parameters for creating the best list. Instead of giving heed to every ‘best lists’, create your own lists by doing a proper research. There are enrolment portals that help you in this process to some extent. Make use of them. All the best for making the best list.