To breeze through exams, it would surely be very crucial for the students to stay calm and be controlled. If you are a student who is taking his / her final exams then in order to get through it you need to keep yourself stress-free. Here, in the article, we are going to talk about some of the tips which you can put to use to be successful in your exams by being stress-free.

Maintain a timetable - It is crucial that you shall maintain a timetable. Everything shall be done fully in accordance to the timeline. Start planning well before your final exams. Be very realistic when you set timings. There shall be breaks too in between so that you can feel relaxed.

Say “No” to mugging up - Yes, you do not have to mug up or cram anything. Try to get the gist of what you would like to learn or understand.

Revision plays a vital role - Revise what you learn so that you do not forget anything. Just find out which routine can be the best for you.

Never hesitate to ask for help - Whenever you need any kind of help then never ever hesitate to ask for the same. You shall take help from your teachers, friends or parents or whosoever you think you can take the help from.

Eat hygienic food - Eat well. Eat healthy and on time. You will keep yourself fit and fine this way.

Avoid coffee -

    Do not use coffee. This may give you some lift but later it will cause a problem for you.
  • Sleep well before the day of your exam.
  • Have a good breakfast on the day of exam.
  • Do not be in a hurry to reach your destination.
  • Be very cool and calm.
  • Do not get panicked by anything.
  • Stay well focused and avoid indulging in talking with others before your paper.
  • Always be confident of your own abilities.

What role parents can play for the success of their child in exams?

Parents really have a bigger role to play in success of their children. They can help their children in breezing through exams by helping them with what they may need. They can arrange for a tutor or tutor their children on their own. Parents shall allow their children to study on their specific timings. Parents shall focus on what their children are lacking in and accordingly they shall make ways for their children to fight that. Parents shall not put pressure on their children. They shall not set score-targets for their children as this may put a lot of pressure on the children.

There are many other ways in which the students can keep themselves stress-free and be very successful at their exams…...

Parents too can adopt various methods to de-stress their children…….

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