Author : EnrolmentDesk

The much awaited empowerment happened. Digital revolution is changing India's technology contours. It has already reduced paperwork with less requirement to stand in queues, going in person to offices etc. Enough is enough, people are going to be benefited by digital locker, a concept where our certificates can be locked online.

The underlying intent of the digital locker is to store all educational, medical records, along with passport and PAN card details of every Indian in a digital form over a cloud storage system to access anywhere/any time.

Shri Narendra Modi the proactive Prime Minister of India is unleashing the second phase of digital revolution to empower students and denizens of India. Gone are the days when one who has lost his original certificate, goes to university, wait for days (even months) to get a duplicate certificate. Currently, the smart ones will take scanned copies of certificates and upload in cloud services rendered by email service providers like Google, Yahoo, Rediff etc. Now, there is more validity for your documents as government's Digital India initiative "DIGILocker" is enabling you to lock your documents on cloud.

How it works?

Aspiring digital locker users should create an account using their Aadhaar card number and upload their certificates. According to RS Sharma, Secretary, Department of Electronics and IT, or DeitY, "The Aadhaar number, must be mapped to their mobile phone number and email address in the Aadhaar database." Follow the steps below to upload your documents:

  1. Click
  2. Enter Aadhaar number
  3. Signup and get the OTP in your mobile number
  4. Enter OTP and validate it
  5. Upload your certificates, documents



  • While applying for jobs, students need to provide their Aadhaar number and its link to digital locker/portal website. This will used as authentic certificates for verification et al.
  • This will give any time/anywhere access due to its cloud application.
  • This enables e-signing of documents to apply for further education, and jobs.
  • This enables easy sharing of documents to any authority.

Digital locker is sure to empower HR managers and recruiters to check the qualification background of employees easily. This move is beneficial especially for students as preserving physical certificates and documents would be very difficult on the long run. And, if one wants to apply for a job, or for a university, they don't have to make photostats of originals and cary huge files.