Schools are places where knowledge is imparted to students via teachers. It serves as a knowledge portal for students which can be accessed for free as well by paying for it. Schools funded by government are free for financial weak students. Basically there are three levels of education primary, secondary and higher secondary. Primary education is for young students, secondary for adults and higher secondary when one enters for a professional course.

Different counties have different regulatory board giving the certification to students which is accepted worldwide. Talking about India there are state board in each and every state and two boards all over India ICSE and CBSE. ICSE stands for Indian certificate of secondary education and CBSE for central board of secondary education. Primary difference between these two secondary education boards is that CBSE is governed by union government of India and ICSE by non-governmental that is it’s a private board. ICSE emphases more on English than what CBSE does.

Subjects in ICSE board:

It is divided into three stages of papers. First group contains five subjects English, history, geography, Hindi or any other regional language and last civics. These are compulsory subjects and need to read by students as a compulsion. Second part has an around ten subjects from which a student can choose any two. Subjects included in this group are maths, science, computer science, economics, environmental studies and few others. Similarly from group three any one of the subject needs to be chosen out of many available. Basically the subjects here are computer applications, art, home science, physical education.

Subjects in group one and two have a weightage of twenty per cent, which lies in hands of school authority. This is known as internal assessment and marks are awarded on basis of submission of assignments and projects. Subjects in group three have a weightage of fifty per cent for internal assessment.

What is SSC?

SSC stands for secondary school certificate and is governed by board of intermediate and secondary education. A degree of SSC is considered equivalent to general certificate of secondary education in England. In India it is available only in seven states with maximum from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Most of them are situated in the capital city Hyderabad and finding SSC schools in Hyderabad is not at all difficult.

CBSE a national entity!

CBSE is the most wide spread board across the country and maximum number of students opt for this board, the primary reason being it is government affiliated. For students migrating from one place to other a CBSE can be found out very easily. And if one moves to Hyderabad finding CBSE schools in Hyderabad is a very easy task., which helps in locating a school in any area be it ICSE schools in Hyderabad or of any other board. A proper consulting company giving the guidance for schools should be contacted as it’s the case of one’s child. A wrong decision and his/her carrier might be at stake.

To conclude, a lot of schools with varying educational board are available all across the country. Right one should be chosen with the aid of right company considering all parameters like money, locality, distance from home, hostel facility, migration facility and any other according to ones need.