After decades of lull and inaction, education in India became the focus of the new government. Are the educational institutions ready for the changes proposed by the government?

For long, education in India has been one exam after the other. And, in between these exams, there would be the gruelling session of preparation for the cascade of exams. Not a bright picture is it?

When we see Indian students perform very well in Europe and USA, we really think that our system of education is great. But, we fail to understand that it were the lucky few who escaped to those places were appreciated there.

Now that the world is looking towards India as an emerging economy, and is slated to out beat China in growth rates, we need to look at grassroot reformation in all fronts. In that, employable education is the important reformation. And, exams after exams don’t make students employable!

If you take the list of CBSE schools in India, you would find that there are only a few of them who don’t just go by the exam modes of education and impart holistic patterns that make students fit for the world of jobs.

With unimaginable numbers of human resources available with us, unavailability of skilled employees is pathetic. The number of graduates that are mass produced by the degree colleges here is voluminous though.

When one goes through the degree colleges list, we find most of them catering to the exam based system rather than the employment based education that emphasises more on the practical knowledge than outdated textbooks.

The role of vocational institutes

While this is the scenario with the general education in India, we see that there is one single exception and one that we would like others to emulate the likes of. Vocational training institutes have come a long way. From being last resorts of dropouts, they have become hotbeds of employment creating sources in the recent years.

The reason for vocational training institutes being successes is that they remain contemporary. They take the latest technology, the latest requirement in the industry, and then train students in those skills. In this way, not only do they provide employment to the students who are trained in these courses, they are also successful institutes.

Employability matters

While we speak of employment all the while, we do not imply that it is only for the sake of employment that one should get education. One can also further one’s horizons with the pursual of knowledge and apply that knowledge to other things. Pursual of postgraduation is generally done for this purpose.

Though post graduation may land one in a good job, it is not mandatory for everyone to pursue post graduation to get a good job. Some of the best post graduate colleges in India have a mixed bag of students who are either there to just pursue education, get better jobs, or just buying some time.

We would like to say that educational institutions have to change their approaches towards education by creating a perspective that focuses more on the employability of the students rather than the exam based approach. Also, the core areas tend to get deeply affected with the exam based approach, which compromises the students’ careers.