The idea of an education platform that provides information regarding educational institutions all over India is not so old, but it has caught up so much that students and parents feel that it is a mandatory step before the actual process of sourcing out the proper institution for them.

A visible testimony for this is that "Enrolment Desk" an online educational platform of Oshiyama Technology Solutions, Hyderabad has made listings of 25,000 educational institutions to which includes preschools, schools, and colleges.

The beauty of this online educational platform is that it will provide complete information of an educational institution, will notify admissions details, will allows the students to fill application forms, and even facilitates payments towards it. Such services are provided at minimal charge to students!

Not only has this revolutionized the approach to seek quality education, it has also changed the dynamics of promotion of an educational institution. Gone are the days when an educational institution would advertise the ranks their students procured!

Parents are also at ease since they have the privilege to source out a school for their kids online. Just login to a platform like Enrolment Desk and place your request for, say, CBSE affiliated schools in India and you would have a host of schools matching the request!

Parents who have jobs that require frequent relocation prefer CBSE schools due to the consistency of the syllabus. There are many, who though stationed to a place, prefer CBSE for other reasons. But, the process of admission to a CBSE school is not as easy as it may seem.

A parent has to look out for the availability of seats in the desired school, decide if the distance of the school to home is in their comfort limits, and look out for other things like the presence of a good playground and good faculty.

Here, an online educational platform is very useful to get valuable information. If one places a request for the CBSE schools list, the platform would not only provide the schools’ list but facilitate in the process of admission! Now, this is very convenient.

Often parents go with here say and advertisements, but the value addition of an online educational platform is that the user can make a comparison instantaneously. For example if parents want to join their children in CBSE recognised schools, but are not aware which one is the best for them, then an educational platform would be the solution. The parent can ask for a CBSE recognised schools list and go about the comparison right away.

Online educational platforms are here to stay and the interesting feature is that they are getting innovative and interactive by the day!