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This March EnrolmentDesk had the privilege of being associated with Mount Litera Zee School. This is the beginning of a great partnership that looks promising.

We would like to bring a quantum improvement in the school education where children realise their unique potential,” is their vision statement. They have been true to it with well researched curriculum, and comprehensive guidance from both the faculty and the management.

Mount Litera Zee School is among the top ten schools in India, and has shown that they can provide children a stress free environment, and with unique teaching methodologies, they can achieve high quality education.

How Mount Litera Zee School excels

Running private schools has become akin to business ventures of late. Contrary to this, Mount Litera Zee School has chosen a different kind of approach. It has chosen the path of providing quality education with a lot of emphasis on co-curricular activities, and identification of the talents of individual students.

This school does not believe in the approach of many other schools who house their entire schools in buildings with little or no lung space. As per the guidelines, a minimum of “owned” two to three acres of land is required to apply for franchises.

As for the quality of construction of the schools, Mount Litera is very particular that there is ample ventilation and lung space.


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