Author : EnrolmentDesk

While students in India look out for foreign countries like USA, and European countries for further education, there is quite an opposite trend that is fast capturing the imagination of foreign students. Study in India!

If someone asks for proof if there is any such trend, then that someone may as well have a look at the 2012 Open Doors report of the Institute of International Education which states that India is the 11th most popular destination for US students abroad.

For Indians this would look quite queer for proximity has made them see the misgivings more than the advantages of this great banyan tree, the education system of India. We Indians are quite fervent hitting out at faulty examination systems, donations, and the overall quality of education. However, it would throw some light on our ignorance if one says that most Americans associate math with Indians.

How did we get here?

From the old gurukuls, and guilds Indian education system has by far seen many tumultuous and also infamous changes. Some were really successful and some were utter failures. If one has to cite the success, it’s quite easy. Just see the number of toppers coming from rural India, and there’s your answer.

As for the infamous failures, they, if I might say so, they have strengthened the grit of the Indian student to excel. Also, one has to give credit to Indian teachers who have produced such brilliant students, students who challenge western country students in all realms.

We may also say that it is our diversity that makes us specially adapted to excel in education.

How come study in India?

The obvious surprise and dismay of an average Indian to the fact that foreign students queue up to study in India has stemmed from many other factors. For one, most are not aware of the systems outside. For some who go to countries like Armenia, and Kazakhstan to pursue medicine, it is of course the case of sour grapes. Well, a system has its constraints and no one stops such students to go abroad and pursue their dream courses. But, for most of them it is a dismay as they think that the system of education is faulty.

For a quick clarification it is not. If one compares the resources, and the size and the scale, Indian education system has delivered amazing results. The quality of education here is second to none. We have great graduate institutions, and degree courses in India are far more specialized due to the rapid reforms in this sector in the past decades.

The thing that attracts NRIs to pursue graduation in India and start checking for best degree colleges in India is excellent and affordable education with innumerable specialities, and of course, the warm Indian people.

Study in India is quite a promising prospect and it has in fact made aspirants race to check the list of degree colleges here.