Any graduate institution should have the focus of providing education that ultimately gives students jobs. While many colleges claim to do so, is there really a way to ascertain if they really do? Yes, there is a way.

Best degree courses in India are designed with unique combination of electives to suit the present day requirements of the market or the industry. For example, there is a commerce and a computer science degree, and there is a degree in financial investment with a computer science subject.

What is the rationale behind these strange electives? Is it to facilitate computer education? Partly yes. Because computer applications are used in almost all streams of life, it has become inevitable for anyone learn computer applications.

Apart from computer applications, to get proper jobs, mere degree courses aren’t enough these days. The skillsets and the applied knowledge that the industry demands is much different from the college setup.

The huge gap, though bridgeable, is evident between the colleges and the job industry. Many colleges proclaim that they provide placement facilities, but fail to do so due to lack of professionalism. A placement service is a last year activity that lasts only for a month or two!

If you take the list of degree courses in Hyderabad, and their respective colleges, you would find only a handful of them incorporating hands on experience with the industry right from the beginning of the course.

Exposure to industry is of course mandatory for job oriented degree courses as students would know, right from the day one, what the industry is and what they expect from a job seeker.

What colleges should be doing?

There used to be a time two decades ago when there were industrial tours in colleges. Colleges should revive them actively with the sole purpose of exposing students to the dynamics of various industries and the role they can play once they complete their course.

Not just that, students may do internship in industries or in related streams facilitated by the college. Now, this would be providing job oriented courses.

Someone already doing it!

Some of the best degree colleges in India are already in the practice of giving their students a taste of the industry early on in their courses. One can find this practice only in premier institutes. It would be advisable to take this practice to all the colleges of India as a norm and share the success model of the top colleges.

The success model of top colleges has been that with a lot of exposure to industry from early on in their courses, there is a higher rate of successful startups from the best degree colleges of India.