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The class 10 board examination is often considered a nightmare by some. Class 10 board examination marks are extremely important as these marks reflect academic excellence and knowledge of the student. The marks obtained in the CBSE class 10 board exam is important for taking admission into class 11 as well as in various other institutes after class 12. In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for the 10th class board examination.

Know the syllabus: Students preparing for class 10th board examinations should know the entire syllabus of the subjects. Knowing the syllabus of the subjects will help to prepare a perfect study timetable and they also get to know about what to read and what not to read.

Make a TimeTable: Choose a time slot in which you feel you are comfortable. Some love to study in the early morning and some in the late night. While preparing the timetable to make sure you have assigned some extra time to the subjects in which you think you are weak.

Draw Diagrams: While solving a question, try to sketch the diagram of the question, sketching the diagram will help you to understand the question in a better way.

Solve Previous Year Questions Paper: Students should solve previous year question papers and sample papers. Solving previous year questions paper and sample papers will help you to know about types of questions asked in the examination and the marking scheme.

Revise: It is important that you should revise the chapters once it is completed. Revising the topics or the chapters will help you to retain the concepts for a longer period of time.

These are the main tips that can help a class 10th student to prepare more effectively for the examination. It is important for the students to be thorough with all the topics of class 10 like potential energy, reflection, electricity etc. as these concepts are very crucial to understand the concepts of class 12th.

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