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Importance of preschool:

Preschool is also called as playschool or nursery school. It's where your children go before you join them in a primary school. Preschool plays a key role in your kid's' foundation for the future. The first five years of their life is very important as it helps in the critical development of the child.

How preschool education helps your child?

  1. Preschools help in the development of your kid physically, emotionally and socially.
  2. They provide independence to the child.
  3. They help in boosting the social skills of your kid.
  4. Playschools help in building your kid's curiosity and thinking capabilities.

How to choose the best preschool? Below are a few points you must consider before choosing a preschool.

  1. Ask your friends/colleagues about the best schools in your locality. Do enquiry about the schools, read reviews and finally select the best one which matches all your requirements.
  2. Once you get a list of schools, check their websites as they give you data which helps you analyze about the school and get an outlook on schools and the methods they follow.
  3. Do not unnecessarily join your kid in a preschool which is far from your home. It makes them feel tired when they return home. Instead, search for the best play school near your vicinity.
  4. Always make sure your kid gets quality education. Preschools give a positive foundation for learning. So, do not compromise on quality terms until and unless if it's above your budget.

Best Preschools for Kids in India

Let's have a look at some of the best preschools in metropolitan cities in India.

  1. In Delhi, some of the best preschools are Shemrock Preschool, EuroKids preschool and Kidzee preschools.
  2. In Bangalore, Shemrock Preschool, Shanti Juniors preschool, EuroKids preschool are one among the best ones.
  3. In Chennai, we have Dazzling Kids Preschool, Little Cubs and Kidzee preschools.
  4. In Hyderabad, Shemrock Preschool, Shanti Juniors preschool, etc are on top.
  5. In Mumbai, Rainbow Preschool, Kidzee Preschool, EuroKids leads the list.
  6. In Pune, EuroKids, The Learning Curve, Brain Works and Kidzee are among the list of top preschools.

When we speak about the best preschools for kids in India, Kidzee leads the way. It's Asia's Largest preschool chain with 1350+ centres in 550+ cities. Kidzee focusses on providing its children with top notch preparatory education.

Some of the best play schools in India aim to create a child friendly environment where learning is easy. Shemrock preschools are among them. Today, Shemrock has more than 150 branches across India. EuroKids Preschool, Smart Kidz, Sunshine Preschool, and Kidzee are some of the best preschools to choose among many.