One need not reiterate the importance of intermediate education, one only has to urge parents and students to readjust their focus so that they don't fall prey to the numerous colleges who promise the moon and end up giving six pence.

After the 10th standard exams, we generally see a chaotic turn of events with students going hither and thither for intermediate college admissions. There would be a lot of advertising. In fact a lot of colleges would hand pick high ranking students with vested interests early on.

As for the rest of the students, they would be scurrying from pillar to post trying to find a good college to trust in and to fulfil their dreams. Most of them would be looking for fresh beginnings. Yes, new beginnings. For most students, coming out of schools would be a huge sigh of relief, and for them ,heading to the junior college would be a gateway to fulfil their dreams.

How naive! Well I don’t mean to be negative around here; however, it is necessary that we understand the state of affairs. Many colleges go about the process of intermediate education in a somnambulist manner in a deplorable state of affairs except for a few colleges who believe in a holistic form of education.

Intermediate colleges are mushrooming in cities and towns and the unique nature of their affinity to be placed near to each other is again downright boring. There are certain areas in cities that are infested with colleges of the wrong sort and poor students end up going there.

What to look for in a Intermediate college?

A good intermediate college is a bridge between a school and a graduate college. The two-year time is so crucial that many either make or break their careers. The best intermediate colleges have their focus more on the conceptual education and on building the character of the students rather than just grinding them for upcoming exams.

Only a few can profit from constant grinding. Ranks matter to colleges! When we consider the long term benefits of the conceptual education, we see that students would excel not only in the board exams, they would also excel in the entrance exams.

What do top intermediate colleges in India do?

Top intermediate colleges in India have luckily a good mixture of both the conceptual education and the outlook to do well in the examinations. But, alas only a few can get into these colleges!

It would be advisable for other colleges to follow suit and get the proper mixture of both the conceptual education and the exam oriented training. Students would certainly benefit from this.

Intermediate education in India would certainly improve for the better if it were to focus more on imparting the conceptual education along with focus on employable knowledge imparting. It is also advisable for students to stop idolizing the best intermediate colleges and put in more concerted efforts towards getting into a college that believes in the abovementioned ideas.