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International Schools promote international education by adopting a separate curriculum and they have been sought after by parents of high income groups. There are many International Schools around the world. We know it's not necessary that every school must follow the same syllabus as the other schools, but these schools have imprinted a solid mark in the parents' mind making them believe that international schools are apt for their children.

Some parents believe that international schools not only follow quality in curriculum, but also maintain outstanding standards at all levels. This has created an impact on parents and has motivated them to join their kids in these schools.

International Baccalaureate (IB) is often preferred by parents who constantly migrate to other countries because its programmes make sure there is continuity in education. There are more than 4,000 IB Schools around the world, making it easy for parents to find one which is most suitable for their child.

International Play Schools in Kolkata:

Speaking about the top play schools in Kolkata, Hello Kids Play School, Kidzee Play School, TreeHouse Play School and Shemrock Play School are well known and are hugely preferred by parents.

Kidzee Play School is the largest Play School network in Asia with over 1500 centres in 550+ cities across India. For the past 10 years, Kidzee has shown how nurturing the distinctive potential of every child will shape them well for facing life's challenges. When we talk about preschools in Kolkata, most of them have become the best choice for parents because these preschools have incorporated international standards.

Teaching at Kidzee is systematic and structured. The creative and innovative teaching minds here fabricate your child to focus more and think globally. The teachers use effective techniques and implement them so that children can perceive it with ease.

Hello Kids is one school where students learn, grow and develop by doing. People call it a fun-school; we call it the kids' heaven. Hello Kids educates children starting from the age group of 1 ½ to 5 ½ years and offers the best Gurukul methods of education. I wish every child in India got the same world-class standard education which every child at Hello Kids enjoys.

The kids little minds are very receptive. In order to educate them, care must be taken to improve them and imbibe this high quality education at every level. The top play schools in Kolkata follow similar methods of teaching and allow children of same age group play together under the caregivers' guidance. This concept is also hugely growing across and spreading to even smaller cities.