Pulling down somebody will never make you reach the top!

Bullying and violence in schools are not uncommon. Even in big schools they happen to some extent and go unnoticed. There are aggressive children out there in schools who feel that they can throw their weight upon sensitive and mild-tempered children. This bullying and violence can be in a physical or on an emotional form.

If you are aware of the violence in schools of USA, you would remember the shoot outs in schools where some sick students got hold of firearms and went about indiscriminately shooting their teachers and fellow students. Though such a horrible scenario doesn't exist in India, there are reports of bullying.

For many parents and schools, talking about violence and bullying is a taboo. They fear controversy and bad reputation; however, it is not addressing this that leads to their fears becoming real. If a school sincerely addresses bullying, it would benefit.

In the Indian context, in a survey conducted by Microsoft it was revealed that 53% of the respondents were bullied and their ages were between 8 and 17. This certainly is an alarming figure and one has to study deep to ensure that one's children are not subject to bullying.

Though the above mentioned figures are for online bullying, the picture looks equally dismal in schools. However, one should not come to an impression that every school has such students. Parents need to put in the extra effort to select schools that takes measures to curb bullying and violence.

Bullying is no innocent game and it affects the students badly. At an impressionable age, this can have serious consequences leading to permanent damage. Generally, physically challenged students, overweight students, shy children, and students who cannot fight back are common victims. Aggressive behavior by certain groups of students pass snide remarks or physically abuse students citing their inadequacies.

Since the children have only the teachers and their parents to complain to, they are often misunderstood or neglected. This leads to serious repercussions. Such neglecting can cost the life of a student!

How to know if a student is bullied?

  • The child does not want to go to school.
  • Performance slips.
  • Has reduced confidence and is withdrawn.
  • Cries a lot and has nightmares.
  • Has unexplained injuries or bruises.

Bullying child's behavior:

  • Disrupts the class.
  • Gets into fights.
  • Has extreme anger.
  • Moves with aggressive children.
  • The child is defiant.
  • Is insensitive to other's feelings.


We don't want to stereotype the behavior patterns, but this is the general predisposition of bullying children.

Now that we know the impact of violence and bullying in schools, it is time we know what a school management has to do to avoid this menace. The CBSE had taken a bold move by conducting a survey where students had access to provide a feedback. This move proved to be successful.

Teachers need to talk to individual students and enquire about any alleged case of bullying; warning students of dire consequences if found guilty of bullying also works. Some schools have gone to the extent of using technology to investigate any incidence of bullying. They use CCTV cameras in the school premises to check.

Apart from this, aggressive students should be counseled so that they can tone their behavior down. As a parent, it is your duty to ensure you are sending your child to top schools sans bullying.

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