Author : EnrolmentDesk

There was a time when students from Hyderabad used to migrate to other states to pursue higher education. This was mainly due to the fact that we didn’t have many engineering and medical colleges. Now, the situation is quite different. Hyderabad is a vibrant hotbed of talent. What is it that prompted this sea change in the city of pearls to become a Hitech city?

A major part of the change took place due to the IT revolution. Hyderabad took off from being a remote laid back city to a dominant contributor to the economy largely due to the IT revolution and the construction of the IT hub. The IT hub brought in migrations to the existing melange of cultures, and Hyderabad emerged as a force to reckon with. Along with the changes in the economy there was a huge change in the way Hyderabadi students were educated.

Previously, there were fewer schools that were names to reckon with. Raja Jitendra Public School, Hyderabad Public School, St. Paul High School, and St. Francis School are a few schools that still bring back nostalgia to many. With the changing cultural scenario, Hyderabad has witnessed the emergence of many concept, techno, and digital schools along with many international schools.

The emergence of preschools in Hyderabad is another notable change. There are many brands of preschool chains that operate in Hyderabad. As it has become a norm for both the parents to be working, the need for preschools and play schools has gone up, and in this competitive situation preschools are vying with each other to provide better education for the younger kids. As a result, kids are better off now and are learning at better speed. Preschool chains like Bachpan, Kidzee, Shemrock and Oi have revolutionized the way younger children are taught.

There is also a significant change in primary, secondary and high school education. There are more schools that believe in experiential learning and have given equal priorities to all subjects. Hitherto, schools used to concentrate only on sciences and mathematics. This was of course a consequence of the aspirations of parents and students to pursue engineering and medicine. Changing dynamics of the job market made people to look into other options as viable choices for careers. Now, schools are providing holistic education with emphasis on languages, sports, and other activities.

Some of the best schools in Hyderabad are now intent on producing more students who aspire to be chartered accountants, managers, and perhaps writers than just aspiring to be software engineers. Many international schools in Hyderabad have been instrumental in this change of mindset.

With institutions like the Indian School of Business, University of Hyderabad, IIIT and IIT making their presence felt, Hyderabad is no longer a hinterland! It’s a hotbed of talent and education is now a system where there is free flow of ideas and concepts. No longer are students competing to be software engineers, they have ideas that can turn the Indian economy into a self sufficient and prosperous entity. Hyderabad is expecting its own startup incubation center and this would further advance this city with the buzzle of new age commerce.

That’s the reason getting educated in Hyderabad is a privilege now!