Author : EnrolmentDesk

Post graduate aspirants should keep in mind skill development as their main goal to shine in career. This focus will enable them to fill national as well as global talent crunch

NASSCOM estimates three million graduates and post graduates entering Indian workforce. This should be viewed in the context when 58% of Indian employers facing the talent crunch. The survey shows significant demand in the accounting and finance sector, IT, engineers, managers, researchers and clerical staff.

Skilled labour is vital for the development of any nation. Skills contribute to quality product and resultant brand image of industries. Today’s post graduate colleges should take cue from this gear up themselves to create an army of professionals to fill the talent gap. The era of market economy calls for concerted action from education providers to take concrete steps to identify the skill demands of the industries to supply the talent. Therefore it is the onus of online enrolment portals to prod the colleges and institutes to move in this direction.

Talent shortage is not just a problem confined only to the Indian economy. Global economies face acute talent crunch. Globally the Japanese have highest talent shortage - 83%. Due to population de-growth, European economies require huge manpower in the next 20 years. So is the case with United States where retirement of baby boomers is going to create a big talent gap for the U.S. economy.

India has the advantage of a huge demography. It should be used in the right sense. Every year our country churns out millions of graduates and post graduates. Our nation has the potential to address the talent shortage faced by global economies. Therefore, there should be concerted effort from government, industry honchos, HR honchos, education institutions, online enrolment portals to have joint effort to educate, reskill the human resources as envisioned by Shri Narendra Modi the proactive Prime Minister of India.

Our economy requires efficient managers. Those who are aspiring for MBA admissions should not be discouraged when they see the lack of vacancies or them being ended up on doing odd jobs. What is required is the will to stay afloat during career crises and persevere to enhance one's skills to cater to the national or global economy. The enterprising ones will never be in want of growth. Those who are in supervisory cadres but do not have MBA should opt for one to be on par with their global peers. The ambitions ones can opt for online MBA admissions simultaneously working in a company. In the west, online education is highly popular. India is also moving in that direction. After all what matters is whether one has the caliber to do/execute the job. For that one should always think on problem solving, applying strategies at the right time to turnaround businesses.

After doing B.Tech, one can pursue M.Tech if one has the passion to upgrade his/her knowledge. But this should not be at the cost of one’s employable talent. Where there is a will there is a way. The enterprising, ambitious ones will find avenues to work part time as interns in the relevant subjects they choose. This will give them vocational expertise to apply their knowledge. Such ones can opt for teaching field to impart their knowledge as many institutes, pg colleges lack experienced, talented teaching faculties.

The M.Tech admission for 2015-16 is in full swing. Postgraduate aspirants should make use of this opportunity to enrol themselves in reputed institutes. When online enrolment portals are providing a platforms to make their online admissions simple, students can make use of this to zero in on the right institute for admissions, isn’t it?