Author : EnrolmentDesk

Learning must be a pleasurable activity for children. It is important to ensure that learning is fun. The first day at preschool is a blend of enthusiasm and fear for your child. Leaving your child in a new environment could simply be frightening for him/ her. Your child may feel isolated and seek care. Preschools play a major role at this point to calm your child. They understand the fact that the first phase of learning needs to be as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Education cannot be just all about information for your little preschooler. There has to be a dash of fun and only then can your child feel happy in the preschool environment. Slowly, your child gets familiar with fellow students, teachers and even starts loving the hours spent in the preschool. It is very vital for your child to be happy in school. Incorporating the fun element in the early education curriculum helps children in developing their traits and skills. The teachers at EuroKids focus on preparing learning modules in an entertaining fashion.

The preschool curriculum has improved a lot in recent years. Most preschools are trying to make their environment safe, secure and fun. Learning is a life skill that goes beyond reading and writing and its best implementation can be seen at EuroKids preschool. Following the latest Version 6.0 Pre-School curriculum, they ensure that education is not just about teaching. It is also about cultivating a learning environment where every aspect of your child’s personality is being advanced in a proper way. Professed on research findings by Centre on The Developing Child at Harvard University they focus on developing ‘Executive Function Skills’ (EFS). Hence making preschooling a happy experience for your child.

Learn Fast the Fun Way With the aid of interactive learning, your child is learning the language basics, numbers, colours and alphabets. To arouse your child’s curiosity, the preschool always lays emphasis on making learning a fun activity for kids.

Colour-O-Logy The first thing that you child notices is colour! The identification of the colours works as an effective skill for your child. Your child is given colourful stickers and papers and is encouraged to match the stickers with the papers. Motion Based Learning (MBL) is one such programme that enhances and develops your child’s knowledge with a myriad of interactive activities.

The Toy Story At preschool, your child is taught byways of creating opportunities or lessons to learn from the use of toys. For example, they teach about the varying sizes by showing different balls like a tennis ball, soccer ball, cricket ball etc. to your child. Learn2Play is a toy library which gives children access to carefully selected learning-based toys to take home and play. The toys are selected according to the age of the child and intend to advance skills.

Techno Freak! Thanks to the digital revolution that we cannot imagine our life without technology. Rhymes and basic learnings are filmed and even animated to keep the interests of your child alive. Watch, listen and learn! Euro Music conducts audio shows to enable the learning in the story narration format! It helps your child to discover and develop an ear for music. Your child will learn to explore musical instruments like the drum, triangle with holder tambourine, one bell & three bell jingles, slide whistle, crackers, etc. and enjoy fun musical sessions with interesting themes.