Among the new breed of schools, the Mount Litera Zee School has shown results in both delivering high standards and its growth in the number of centers. With international class academics meeting class infrastructure, Mount Litera Zee School is setting new benchmarks.

Many of us wouldn’t have had the experience of seeing a Mount Litera let alone stay in that. The Mount Litera is one of the greatest fantasies a kid has. For them, a Mount Litera is a vantage point, a secret hideout, and a place to spend the best of times. This might have prompted the nomenclature.

The vision statement of Mount Litera Zee School is “To be a pioneer in the field of education, achieve leadership status by growing globally and thus providing inspiration and empowerment to all teachers by integrating our culture and values universally.” True to its statement, in a short period of time, Mount Litera Zee School has been able to establish itself as a pioneer in educating the young minds.

Check infrastructure

  • Transportation facilities.
  • Spacious classrooms.
  • Promethean boards as part of the modern teaching aids.
  • Audio visual classrooms.
  • Fully equipped computer labs.
  • Grand libraries.

The international class academics

The learning methodology of Mount Litera Zee School is specially designed to invigorate intuitive thinking, character building, and is specially made for multiple intelligences. The emphasis is on holistic education along with providing a great grasp of the essential knowledge to make a student understand multiple perspectives.

Mount Litera Zee School provides stress free education with a lot of emphasis on environmental learning in the initial stages. In the later stages, it gives students comprehensive understanding in all subjects with its unique methodologies.

Subjects like mathematics, sciences, and social studies are presented in a manner which ensures that students have good conceptual knowledge and makes their foundations firm.

The Co-curricular activities

Generous attention is given to co-curricular activities to build the characters of students so that they have the communication skills to express themselves without inhibitions. Activities like debates, dramas, dance, music, and arts are parallely promoted along with sports so that a student blossoms completely.

The Mount Litera Zee School

Mount Litera Zee School are most sought after among the crop of play schools and preschools. The reason for this is mainly due to their commitment to great policies when it comes to educating the younger children. First up, the security for these children is top notch. Secondly, the range of activities prescribed is highly educational and entertaining.

The socio-dramas, the summer camps, and other activities like the farm parties, festival celebrations have taught the children the ways of the adults in a homely manner.

This might be the reason why parents queue up for admission in Mount Litera Zee School India.