When I saw the new subject introduced in the GATE exams, I was brooding if I can clear the papers in the first attempt. To my shock, the new paper that is introduced is ‘Ecology and Evolution’. The last I heard of these words in an academic context was in my school

Moreover, the next year (2015), all the applications are to be made online. No more postal service! And, the validity of the score has been increased from 2 to 3 years and digital scorecards!

But the thing that bothers me most is the “Ecology & Evolution” paper. GATE coaching centers do provide some material but I have to do better.

I was just sitting back and thinking about the term ‘ecology’. My social studies teacher back in school used to complain my lack of attention in her class. I thought that social studies was a boring subject as I was always a robotics freak.

Back then, my father was frequently transferred and he did not want me to change from curriculum to curriculum. So, he ensured that I was always admitted in CBSE schools. That he thought would ensure continuity of a good education. So, he used to go through the list of CBSE schools every time he was transferred. But, his only concern was my marks in social studies.

I thought I had a last laugh on that issue when I was selected for engineering in 3 different colleges, but got different electives. Then I went through the list of top colleges and decided to go for a better college with a different elective than a college that gave my elective. This decision did not take a long time as me and my father decided that a good career was more important.

But now, here I am trying to clear GATE and God why did I not give some more time for social studies. Anyway, I am going all out to top GATE and this time I would give more time to Ecology and Evolution.