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Play is absolutely essential to childhood; it’s like sunshine, broccoli, and love all juiced together. Know more about play and preschool in this article.

Do you think pre schooling is really a necessity for kids at such a tender age of 2 or 3 years?

Do you think preschools are really safe for kids to play and learn?

Do you think preschools are effective in nurturing a child’s curiosity and creativity?

How to find the best preschools to your tiny tots among the numerous list of preschools in India that are really safe and blossoms creativity in your toddler?

These are different kind of questions that may arise in the minds of new mums, while joining their kids’ in a different fantasy world of playing and learning called a pre school. This is the basic foundation for overall learning of a young toddler and gives your child a variety of learning opportunities. Play schools unlock the potential of your child and takes them into the world of creative resources.

Did you know? Pre schooling provides many benefits to your kids, instead of just playing with toys. The most important benefits of pre schooling are:

  1. Complex problem solving and mathematics: In play schools, children play with blocks that recreates problem solving scenarios along with other children. While trying to solve puzzle pieces, children gain experiential problem solving skills and math.
  2. Gross and fine motor development: Playing on stringing beads and lacing, balls and balance beams provide various opportunities for kids to work on strengthening the muscles of hands called as fine motor development and large muscles of legs and arms called as gross motor skills.
  3. Blossoms creativity and imagination power: There are various play objectives in the preschools like dramatic play, craft supplies that enables a child to get their creative juices flowing.
  4. Language and vocabulary development: When your child plays with other children, language and vocabulary skills are nurtured. With plays like vehicles and animals, doll houses and dolls; the tiny tots get acquainted with new words and grammar structure of the English language.

How to choose the best preschool?

In order to find the best preschool among the numerous list of pre schools in India to your loved ones, we offer you with valuable tips.

  1. Identify your priorities: First and foremost, identify your priorities. Do you want your child’s preschool near to your workplace or near to your home? Do you want play based learning system or any specific approach to learning. Decide what you want and jot down on a paper.
  2. Start research: Researching about list of preschools play a vital role in choosing the best learning program for your kid. You can ask your family members, friends, relatives, and neighbours about the best preschool nearer to your home or workplace. If possible, you can do your research on internet regarding preschool names list.
  3. Do your enquiry: Once you zero in on a few choices based on the distance, cost, and other factors, visit each preschool and speak to the director of the preschool regarding the policies, guidelines, fee structure, working hours, teacher-child ratio, learning programs etc.

If possible, you can take your kid along with you so that you can see your kid’s reaction to that particular play school. If she is feeling happy and joyful, then it’s better to join her in that particular preschool.

As early education is priceless, choose the best play school to your little ones that sets a good base and evolves them as a creative humanbeing.