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At a time when admissions were cumbersome and time consuming, online admission application has emerged as a boon for time and quality conscious enrolment aspirants

Gautami and Naren couple have two children - Hema and Nandini. Hema is studying in 7th standard and Nandini is studying in 6th standard. Hema’s husband Naren owns an agricultural farm that cultivates commercial crops. Due to demand spurt in commercial crops, Gautami and Naren couple raised good revenues from their farm produce. This created an attitudinal shift in the couple as they look forward to improve their standard of living. They wanted a rise in status and they know well it comes through education.

As the academic year already ended, what appeared in the mind of Gautami Naren couple is to provide better education for their kids. They had in mind to give CBSE education to their kids. The kids were studying in local convent school which was following the state syllabus. Hema and Nandini were academically brilliant which was reflected in their grades. They were eager to study in a reputed international school following CBSE syllabus. They made the right decision and now their financial condition is rosy to realise the dream.

Back at home Gautami brooded. The time consuming process of long queues, paperwork, flashed through her mind. How it will be in a reputed CBSE school, she wondered. In a cultural function which she attend during weekends, Gautami befriended a community leader Rakhi who shared Gautami on online admission system which has many advantages over traditional admission. From the conversation with an informed person like Rakhi, Gautami understood online admission ease her woes as it is a web based application that allows her to apply through the web 24/7.

Goodbye to long queues

Gautami s finding is a pointer to many. Gone are the days where people take students, be on long queues, depended on paperwork. Today there are educational portals that simplify the enrolment tasks of parents. These sites are reputed having the list of CBSE and state syllabus institutes in their portal where the enrolment aspirants can choose depending on their finance and aspirations. This will save the time of institutes as well those who want to enrol their children.

This site will have the online admission application system for schools, colleges, management institutes where the geographical boundary is eliminated. This also reduces the human involvement where the application acts as an interface between the parent community and the institute concerned. The enrolling aspirants will be at an advantage where there will be wide choice of institutes to choose.


Institutes are also at an advantage where they can track the enrolling process and get timely reports.

Today’s enrolling aspirants are highly informed and they use social media platforms also to interact with their peers. They share their experience be it good or bad in the social media platforms about the quality of service they receive.

Brand switch not just confined to products but services also

Yes, the enrolment process is getting revolutionised. This will have its impact on institutes as they will be fierce competition to provide the best service to the students. This is once again proving the theory that customer is the king. If the quality of service is not according to the expectation, the parents can boldly take a decision to switch to those who give better quality. Brand switch not just confined to products but services also.

Bringing enrolment to one desk is a good idea where all stakeholders are benefitted. Come to the platform where school as well as college admissions converge on a common online platform. Come to a stage where you receive quality or you switch to better quality from poor quality. Healthy competition is always good. We lived in a time where poor quality went unreported or deliberately suppressed. Today the era of quality and information have already entered thanks to an online admission application. Derive maximum mileage from the same.