There was a directive from the University Grants Commission Chairman Ved Prakash, last year, urging all educational institutions to initiate the process of online admissions. The circular was issued to all state and central varsities. This move makes one think as to why there is so much emphasis on online admissions.

If one takes a look at the admission procedures before the internet era, it would have looked something like a slow motion flick that is repeated umpteen times; the long wait in queues, the number of forms to be filled, and the typical scene where students look for their names on the announcement boards.

With the advent of the internet era, all this rigmarole is cut short and an efficient system has come into place.

What is online admission system?

By this time, you might have heard about online admission system a zillion times, but many of you don't know how exactly it works. Most universities, colleges, and schools have a separate page in their websites to facilitate online admissions. In most cases, one has to create an online application account. In other cases, you just have to fill in your details along with copies of necessary certificates, and the institute gets back to you via email. Most of you are aware till this point.

What most of you do not know is that this system not only increases efficiency, it also creates 100% transparency. It would also help parents and students to take informed decisions. Another huge advantage is the time saved. You no longer have to travel to each and every institute, collect admission forms, fill them and wait for eternity.

Apart from these obvious advantages, the applicant has the option to choose from the plethora of institutes available with respect to location, budget, and subject electives.

Enrolment Desk is one such portal that has revolutionized the process of online admissions in India. Enrolment Desk provides a wide range of services to facilitate admissions in preschools, schools, and colleges. It has a huge database of educational institutions with whom they have a tie up. Now, you can apply to numerous schools and colleges from one single website!

Since UGC is going to make online admissions mandatory in the near future, online educational portals like Enrolment Desk have a huge role to play in terms of helping parents and students. With Enrolment Desk you can find educational institutions, compare them in terms of quality, tuition fee, and standards of education.

If you are a parent trying to seek admission to your child, do not go by heresay, or by the decisions taken by your friends. You can just visit the website of Enrolment Desk and choose the right institute for your child.

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