The perception of students in India during the software boom was “why masters when you can get a job right away?” Now there is renewed importance for postgraduate education and this is heartening as this has improved employability.

There was a time when students were in a hurry. They would not even wait to finish their graduation. Given a chance to earn, they would spurn their education, drop it like hot coals and start earning.

By the time students start their intermediate, they would get into courses that give them skills and before their final year of degree, they land up in a job. In many cases, students of engineering who fail to pass the exams merrily settle down for some call center jobs.

This trend has its own disadvantages. While students experience independence very early in life, they splurge on possessions and tend to indulge with whatever they earn. Also, with their qualifications they do not understand that they don’t stand a chance in the future.

This is exactly what happened in the last decade. Many students who have not pursued further education and settled down for jobs early on in their careers have experienced a midlife crisis of sorts. With no growth visible in the horizon, many younger counterparts vying and competing for the jobs, these people find themselves in quite a quandary.

The shift in outlook

Now, however, the situation has changed drastically. Students are no longer interested in smaller jobs. We see 25/27-year old managers who have already done their masters and have achieved a lot!.

There is of course a lot to gain doing post graduation. The best post graduate colleges are replete with students who have ambitions much higher than the average Indian students. The commendable vision of these youngsters is evident right from the phase of graduation. They would opt only for post graduation with a vision to get jobs in the mid-level management.

Students are very proactive these days. They are not totally for the monetary freedom as the previous generation was. Their pragmatism is to work for their tuition fee of their post graduation till they get admission in one of the top postgraduate colleges in India!

In this way, they would have gotten an outlook of the industry, and would have earned some money. Top postgraduate colleges do not advocate the work and study mode as this would jeopardize the meaning of post graduation as an intellectual reward.

Students assiduously go through the list of post graduate colleges, select the best college that suits their requirements, and then pursue that rewarding course to have successful careers.