Author : EnrolmentDesk

There is no second opinion about this. Education system in India is getting complicated and there are many cosmetic changes than on the foundation levels. As parents, we have to be quite canny if we don’t want to fall for names.

Take the example of the name of a school. There is a “Digital” school, there is a “Techno” school. How are these schools different from the regular ones if not for the names? Most of these schools are housed in buildings with little or no lung space!

If the nomenclature were to change with just the introduction of a powerpoint projector instead of a blackboard, then schools could concoct fancier names. When we are seeking admission for our children in a school, we ask for something better.

I personally feel that there is lot more desired than exposure to computers early on in childhood. I would want my children to get an all inclusive experience of education that would make them fit for a great and challenging life ahead.

Facts about digital and techno schools

Techno school: Ideally, this is a school that has modernized the system of education with the inclusion of latest technology. This might mean book free learning by using laptops and tablets. This might also mean labs akin to NASA (just kidding) and no blackboards.

Here, I would like to point out, there are very few schools that look something like this, and even if they do, ask yourself if this is what your kid needs.

Digital School: Accepted, teaching with technology has its own merits. Visualization is better. Students can understand many abstract concepts with the help of technology. I would however like to question the efficacy of these methods. Meanwhile, most of the ordinary schools have already adopted these methods, only in moderation, and I feel we do need blackboards and some of the older methods.

Lung Space in the school

Growing up, going to schools with huge play grounds and huge trees, I am totally uncomfortable sending my children to schools that look like some ill ventilated office buildings. With that view, I chose among the best CBSE schools in India. The kids have great teachers, inspiring atmosphere, and the school has also incorporated latest technologies for teaching.

The good thing about CBSE and international schools in India is that they maintain international standards with respect to the students in the class, the general quality of education, and other amenities. My son goes to an International school, and my daughter goes to a CBSE affiliated school and both of them enjoy holistic education.

We as parents have to set our aspirations aside while deciding on what’s the best school for our kids. We should be wary of fancy named schools and select the best ones for our children. I suggest my friends to check online educational portals, which have details of these schools, to get a third party view of them instead of the websites which never stop ranting.