Your website is your strongest online marketing tool - it's important that it works for you, increase brand awareness, bring you new leads….. It’s time for a website review.

Basic Check List

1. Are your users able to find the information they need easily ?

- Whether its an About page, Team page, or a blog about company updates, add it to your website. This is great content not just for the search engines but for your website visitors too. Give as much detail as you can to show that your services/products are superior to your competitors.

2. Are your users able to connect with you easily ?

- When visitors are on your website, make it easy for them to contact you – whether that’s by phone, in person, or through an email/online contact form. If visitors can’t find this information then they’re more likely to leave

3. Does everything still work?

- Plugins stop getting supported, links get deleted, videos get moved – when was the last time you checked every page and link on your site?

4. Is your website mobile friendly & Standards Compliant?

- One of the best things about having a mobile-friendly website is that you can reach a wider audience. Responsive websites make online sharing simple and so your web visitors are more likely to share on their social platforms. - To help search engines rank your website highly and to convert your site visitors, your website should be modern and created with standards compliant code. Slow website can really harm your visitor numbers and sales.

5. Does your website have a way to capture lead information?

- Check if your chat tool / contact form or any other tools you are using are working & you are not missing out any communication because of defunct tools