Author : EnrolmentDesk

Pre school is a market where hundreds of pre primary schools in cities available for enrolment. Parent community is the buyer and pre schools the seller. Proper market evaluation and painstaking research helps in identifying the right preschool for your toddler.

In every area of activity there is marketing and preschooling is no exception. From the marketing management point of view, preschooling has come a long way. If preschool is a market then there is a requirement for market segmentation on the following basis:

  • Geographic Segmentation
  • Demographic Segmentation
  • Behavioral Segmentation
  • Psychographic Segmentation
  • Segmentation by Benefits
  • Cultural Segmentation

One preschool has more than 250 centers across 65 cities. This is an example of geographic segmentation of pre school. Geographic spread of an school provides a national image to the school giving more value to its brand image as one of the best play schools. In the global village concept marketing activity should transcend geographic boundaries. In the same vein, this knowledge should be shared on online platforms where enrolments can be made through search where many preschools converge on one web platform.

Age group of two or three makes the best fit for play school enrolment. Experts say it is two and a half years conducive for preschool enrolment. Play school has a market which are toddlers within the age group of two to three years. Knowledge about the age factor act as a trigger for families to take enrolment action looking at the growing child. Every system is undergoing a change; knowledge too. Knowledge has to be imparted at the right age. Age based enrolment has become a standard practice, accepted norm for middle class families. In the face of this, would middle class parents looking for social footing stay away from enrolment? No one wants to lag behind; nobody wants thumbs down in the society. That is the force of worldly standards exert on us.

When it comes to behavioural segmentation, knowledge, attitude, responses play a key role in decision making. For example, seeking social status is an attitude, going after branded products is an attitude. What more, prioritising on education which involves sacrificing luxury is an attitude. Parents invest on children with the expectation of upholding their status, they expect their children to spin wealth to nourish them in their old age. For that children should gain knowledge and apply knowledge. Knowledge plays a key role in setting apart superior intelligent kids from poor intelligent ones. This again require effective training in the tender age, the brain development stage which is the toddler age, or preschool age. Can all pre schools meet the knowledge standards of knowledge seeking parents? Sensible parents value knowledge as an empowerer. Track record of providing superior infrastructure, skilled teachers combinedly impart knowledge on condition that children takes an effort to practice knowledge. Herein lies the wisdom of careful organic search for reputed enrolment portals that helps in finding out the top nursery schools of 2015.

The urbane middle class won’t compromise on lifestyle. Proper psychographic segmentation is required to understand the lifestyle aspiration of the parents who want to send their toddlers to pre primary school. Enrolment portal comes as a great help for the parents to narrow down their choices to the list of the best preschools.

Parents should analyze the benefits of preschooling. This will enable them to search carefully for the right play school. Pre school provides opportunity for physical and brain growth. Secondly, it is the next step towards kindergarten school. Thirdly, the act of socialising, working as team or obeying authorities happen in playschool or playschool sows the seeds for all round development of the child. Understanding of psychological and sociological parameters enable the parent community to search for the right preschool that lays the right physical and intellectual foundation for their tiny tots.

Cultural fit is the right thing the parents should analyze before sending their toddlers to play schools. Earlier for the middle class it was the convent education that gave the best cultural fit. Today, different communities have different schools under their communities. A few schools by name indicates it is for elite class students whereas there are other pre schools which thrives on cosmopolitan values. Careful search on a reputed enrolment portal will give clear picture on the best cultural fit. Markets are segmented by culture. Parents do their bit of marketing on cultural fit to realize their cultural aspirations.

Markets are sustained by information. Information is available through organic searches. Parent community will be immensely benefited if they do their market research through enrolment sites which gives information on various play schools in India for online enrolment, and online fee payment. Ultimately the empowered parents will have the last laugh.