A new study reports that preschools help boost the academic careers of children who have fewer educational experiences at home. The effect lasts until secondary school education. Students who went to preschool are twice as likely to gain distinction than students who did not attend one. The study suggests that the advantage gained is more than just early grasp of numbers and letters. High quality early education makes the child a more effective learner.

Activities such as learning and playing with numbers and letters, singing songs and nursery rhymes, participating in group activities, visiting a local library, market place, hospital etc. help children in learning said professor Sylva, Professor of Educational Psychology at Oxford University’s Department of Education.

The study had tracked the education records of a number of students from 140 preschools and compared them with a sample of children who had minimal or no preschool experience. The study also found that parents who gave “stimulating early learning experiences” to children, gave them a big educational advantage throughout schooling.

Unfortunately, not all children get this kind of support from their parents and hence preschool is especially important for these pupils. Professor Sylva concludes "The study proved investment in preschools paid off and had particular benefits for children from disadvantaged backgrounds."

Another important feature of playschools is making the children to participate in group activities. A number of group activities are organised in preschools like storytelling, role play or drama, recitation, pool play etc. This greatly helps children to develop motor, physical and cognitive skills.

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