It is widely known that there are three primary factors that contribute toward a student's success: the efforts of the students, proper guidance by the teachers, and immense support of the parents. In most of the cases though parents want to support their children, they hardly have any idea as to where their children need their help the most. To have a fair idea about the performance or the weakness of their children, they must first know about what is going on in the school. Their knowledge about the various activities happening in the school is limited to Parents’-Teachers’ meetings, notes by teachers or the very rare phone calls.

The following methods are recommended to promote better communication between parents and teachers, and increase the support for the student.

First and foremost, create your institute page on the Facebook and once done communicate the details of the same to the parents, initially repeatedly, through various means.

Create and Use Facebook page where parents can communicate among themselves and with the teachers: A platform can be created where parents can talk to other parents and discuss their views and concerns. They should also be able to post their feedback on this platform. Parents and teachers can directly communicate through this platform.

Classroom Updates: This will give parents an idea about whatever has been done in the class that day. Parents can converse with their children regarding the topics taught or the activities done. They can also help their children revise their lessons. Through this, parents feel connected and can also help guide their children better.

Share photographs of student activities and projects with parents. Also enable the parents to update pictures of the events they have attended. Students who are interested in photography should be encouraged to pursue their interest and regularly update this page.

Reminders: A decent way to decrease the number of instances of forgotten homework is to post a reminder on a social media platform. Parents can check these posts and make sure that their children have completed their homework. An update on the upcoming tests will help the parents make sure that their children are well prepared.

Blog: Create a class room blog where students can write about their experience in the classroom or about any specified topic. Students can be given turns to write this blog & should be supervised before uploading. This will not only be a medium of communication for the school and the parents but also improve the writing skills of the students.