Promoting your institute used to be such a simple affair. You gave some advertisements in the local newspaper, got some awesome looking brochures printed and distributed it among people around. And your job was basically done. Next thing was that you would await some inquiries from eager parents of your perhaps prospective students and the admission procedure could finally start. Promotion is no longer such a routine work anymore. You need to be innovative and reach out to the masses. To capture the market you need to make sure that a huge population of people is at least aware of the presence of your institute. Here are some ways which can surely help in the promotion of your institute.

A Professional Website

In this age where there is a huge presence of online audience the foremost promotion strategy for any institute is to build a functional and elaborate website. The website is very essential whether you are starting a new institute or re-branding or re-positioning it. The website should be as professional as possible because you will be lagging behind your competitors if they seek professional help and you don’t. The website should be secure and allow users to interact. It should mention admission details, admission fees payment details and provide online materials as well. It should be comprehensive enough so as to properly answer all the queries of the parents and students. All the institutes have to invest in the making of the website to stay in the league.

Join Associations

Associations of schools and colleges exist at the regional, state and national levels. Some of these are Association of Indian Management Schools, Association of Indian Universities, Associations of International Schools in India, etc. Being a part of these will make you a part of the recognised groups. Being active on these groups will give your institution an opportunity to be recognised as a part of a bigger platform.

Directory Listings

Getting your institute listed on sites gives it a wide exposure to the online as well as offline audience.

Getting listed on paid sites such as is worth the money. Such sites also offer to promote your institute in a professional manner and give you various promotions solutions. If your institute is listed on such sites then be rest assured that your institute will get noticed and thought of as an option before taking final admission to any institute.

Social Media

Social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. have revolutionised the way in which various institutes can promote themselves and attract a huge number of prospective students.


Nowadays institutes can have Facebook pages where they can share the details of all the major events happening, teachers can share details of the upcoming assignments, projects, post reminders regarding tests and the submission dates of the projects or assignments. This will keep parents connected to the various activities of the institutes their children are studying in and can guide them better. Students and parents can also very conveniently let their friends and relatives know about the various exciting events happening in their schools. Moreover institutes have realised that having a Facebook page is an easy way to stay connected with their alumni. The alumni can also see what is happening in their institute and stay connected.


Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. Twitter can become a very important medium to let the world know about your institute and the various activities happening there. Institutes can use this platform for promotions and announcements. The access to the twitter page should be unrestricted & the twitter page can be managed by the PR staff or the admissions staff.

Online paid advertisements is also worth the money. The advertisement should be appealing and complete. Sites such as have also offers to make such advertisements on your behalf at a fair price.

Thus through the above ways you can easily promote your institute and get it noticed by the masses.