Author : EnrolmentDesk

When there is groaning for skilled personnel by industries and lot of unemployment in India, there is need for concerted effort to provide vocational training courses to meet the demand with supply

In the backdrop of high expectation of quality in the industry, Indian Inc., is emphasising much on vocational training courses to address the skill gap. Industries groan about lack of skilled personnel to perform various jobs. On the other hand our education system is woefully inadequate to produce skilled personnel. The demand for micro specialised personnel across industries calls for more vocational training schools in India.

Now the question may emerge. Does vocational training guarantees job? The answer is, it depends on one's learning agility to convert knowledge into revenues. If the training has quality, it will definitely enable one to reap benefits. This is the area where vocational training institutes should focus on to create income generating blue collar workers who has the purchasing power to contribute to the national GDP.

Markets constantly demand for quality. Quality hinges on the worker’s skills which are derived through vocational training. Therefore the emphasis is on quality of the vocational training centers. Industry needs skilled personnel. For that experienced professionals are required to train the trainees. Those who aspire for vocational training should look for quality in training. Herein comes the importance of online enrolment portals which has the list of vocational training centers in India. Online enrolment platforms makes the students’ work easy to enrol with the right institution.

Vocational training schools will have to deliver on quality parameters. This should be seen in the context of industries groaning for skilled manpower. Blue collar workers in the segments like manufacturing, electrical maintenance, mining, sanitation, oil field, construction, mechanical segment etc., are vital for nation’s development. Then comes pink collared workers who are involved in service lines like customer support, sales, entertainment etc. Their skill requirements also need to be addressed.

The neo middle class consider only white collar jobs are superior. The choice for one particular profession is based mostly on status in the society. In this process, many are falling into career choices which they cannot perform and become unemployable as a result.

Because of this stronger reason, there is a need to change perceptions. Youngsters should lend ears to their career call and choose a career that suit them. The acute demand for blue collar workers will raise the wages according to the demand supply theory - when demand increases price (wage) increases.

Automation in the IT front will reduce the demand for IT professionals in future. The demand for skilled personnel is rising in India. When the nation is trying to gatecrash into the first world, there should be concerted moves by all stakeholders to educate the youth on the importance of vocational training. NGOs should take an active part to raise volunteers for skill development and training. Government should come forward to invite experienced retirees to train the youth on various vocational courses. States should ensure vocational training institutes provide quality training to students. Those who choose white collar jobs also should consider learning one vocational course to sustain themselves during job search period. They should constantly practise the field they have chosen to raise additional income.

Yes, the challenge is huge. But concerted effort by all stakeholders will lessen the talent shortage of industries. Hon. MSME Minister Shri Kaljraj Mishra should leave no stone unturned to prop up vocational training institutes. Quality vocational courses will make India a superpower. Our nation should become a superpower. Opinion moulding on this count can attract more intellectuals and volunteers for this noble cause called skilling. Last but not least, online enrolment platforms that facilitates admissions in vocational courses should make every effort to raise issues, providing relevant information to all stakeholders to build a stronger India.