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Rainbow Group of Institutions has decided to enter online admission portal EnrolmentDesk to make admissions simple. The group has high schools and preschools mentioned below:

  • Rainbow Public School, CBSE, Chintal, Hyderabad
  • Rainbow Model High School SSC, Chintal, Hyderabad
  • Rainbow Kids Paradise, Chintal, Hyderabad

Rainbow is a reputed preschool which gives a unique play school atmosphere to make the child feel happiness in learning by developing the child’s ingenious creativity. In Rainbow Kids School, every child is comforted by play tools, play items and also recreation facilities like ball room, splash pool, swings, sand pit, cushion mats and hygienic food. Middle class community of Chintal are immensely benefited by the quality curriculum offered by Rainbow Group of Institutions.

Rainbow Kids Paradise rides high on Montessori trained teachers where the teachers to Student ratio is 1: 30. They offer:

  • Stimulating logical approach by using puzzles and building blocks
  • Improving children's creativity by using visual effects and drawing
  • Improving physical activeness by providing all sorts of play kits for children

As Rainbow Kids Paradise admissions for 2015-16 has begun, the parent community has one more unique choice to shortlist this reputed playschool for online admissions. Online admissions are only for their preschool Rainbow Kids Paradise, Chintal, Hyderabad.

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