Advancement in technology has led to simplifying of stuffs in each and every field. Everything is going online like purchasing of apparels, fees payment, consulting a doctor and every other thing which one can think for. With time, now school admission system has also gone online.

Online admission means filing the application form for any school, university via internet. An web portal exists these days only to provide admission with aid of internet. Many websites only serve for primary and secondary schools while other websites serve for colleges and universities. Domestic as well as worldwide admission portal exist. With help of global websites one can file admission in any abroad universities by sitting in their home. Thus time as well as money is saved.

Pros and pros:

Finding a disadvantage in this system is very difficult. This procedure of admission is very simple and much faster than the traditional one of standing in long queues and waiting for turn. Students can apply to lot of schools and then select the best one according to their convenience. Physical movement from one place to other is curbed in online application system. Travelling cost is reduced as one can apply the form online sitting in their home.

Manual admission process requires extra manpower and property for distribution of form and guiding the parents. In online system each and every instruction are mentioned clearly and can easily understood. Instructions are written in English as well as are available in various regional languages. A help line is also maintained where one can post their queries and get their doubts cleared. Online admission forms are subjected to edit whereas the manual one serve only for one time.

Once the forms are filed according to manual process the next step is displaying the short listed candidate. List of short listed candidate are pasted in the notice board and students rush to see it. Students and parents need to be updated when the list will be displayed as they need to go there to see it. This process adds to time as well as money. Online system has simplified this problem and multiple schools result can be seen just by opening a new tab in browser. Viewing of short list candidate is very difficult if one has applied for various schools via manual system. This is consume ones entire day, while the online system hardly takes any time that too according to ones convenience.

Printing cost for forms are reduced as well the brokerage charge which needs to be paid if one has hired a broker is saved. Time consuming nature of manual process had led to hiring of brokers. Finding a worthy broker is very difficult and thus future of students is at stake by consulting a broker.

Online system of admission is a boon to the education system. It has created wide scope for students as well parents in selecting the right school in no time. Time is money in this modern tech era and this system has saved time as well as money, nothing better than this can be thought of.