Author : EnrolmentDesk

If one has to put it poetically one can say "A school maketh and a school breaketh." Yes! this is very much true for everyone. If a kid goes to a great school, he/she is more likely to have good teaching, good company, and ultimately a great education that is a foundation for a good career.

And, for a rock solid foundation in education what else but Shemrock School! From its inception in Ashok Vihar, New Delhi 1989, Shemrock Schools have branched out to numerous centers in India. They have ensured that every center in India has the same aesthetic appeal with good spacious campuses.

It takes a visionary and great thought leadership to guide the younger generations to a righteous and successful path in life. This is the core vision of Shemrock Schools. For this, they have ideally opted for an environment that is conducive for learning with teachers who enable students to face confidently the challenges of adulthood.

Shemrock Schools consist of pre school, primary schools and secondary and higher secondary schools across India. And, it is for this reason that one finds a lengthy list of Shemrock Schools. They have been running pre schools for the past 18 years and have a special thematic curriculum. They have specialized in multimedia and internet learning for the younger kids.

The secondary schools of Shemrock have their goal cut out. It is the main goal of Shemrock to inculcate independent thought and make children life long learners. With generous outdoor activities, and trips they make sure that children are exposed to experiential learning. As with children, learning is more when the experience is direct instead of just a classroom setup.

The schools follow a CBSE syllabus and have specialized in smart classroom sessions to improve the learning experience. Shemrock Smart class as it is called enables students to understand abstract concepts better along with improved academic performance. With well catalogued libraries, fully equipped laboratories, and good co-curricular activities students are never left with just textbooks.

Special care is taken while recruiting teachers and other administrative staff. They are trained to deal with the sensitive mind sets of children. With students' impressionable minds, it would be good to imbibe good values and so teachers are trained to build characters rather than just stuffing students with textbook information.

To develop the overall talent of students, co-curricular activities like sports, creative pursuits, and social abilities are highly encouraged. Shemrock has for all the abovementioned reasons has become one of the best schools in India.

Admissions to Shemrock Schools generally starts with an interactive program with the parents. With online admissions available, parents have to affix the birth certificate, and report card of the previous year along with the registration forms.

With the academic year starting, admissions for the year 2015-16 are in place for Shemrock School. There are many online educational portals that provide reviews and also admission services. Parents can find more about this school from these sites for further research.