School and play is not an oxymoron. For your tiny tot, preschool is certainly a play/learning experience. But for you it is the beginning of compiling lists from preschools to universities. That I believe would be a happy labor. A list of the universities would be going a bit too far, but seeking the list of preschools is certainly due.It sure is a tiring time for parents when kids start talking, doing things, and may be drooping your cell phone. Do you have to channelise their energies or just bear the frenzy? Maybe, this is the right time to think of a preschool.

Many working parents entrust the care of their kids to their grandparents. This is good enough, if the grandparents have the energy and patience to handle the energy of the kids. More often than not, the grandparents oblige despite their inabilities.

A better environment for kids would certainly be a play school where they would be educated to face the world. In the company of kids of their own age they would figure out interacting with friends, elders, and strangers.

Parents have to go through a preschool names list and start calling them and enquire about their methods of imparting basic knowledge. After that they have to check the facilities like toys, and books. Safety of your children should also be the priority of parents.

Best play schools create a peaceful and pleasant environment for children, an environment that is conducive for children to blossom into responsible and healthy adults.

Healthy physical and psychological development of a child is also dependent on the surrounding environment. Teachers, friends, and seniors help the kids understand the hierarchy of the society and their place in it.

Parents should also ensure that the child is not bullied. For this, parents should talk to their kids and subtly enquire about any untoward incidents. Most preschools have highly qualified teachers and would preclude untoward incidents, but parents should always be cautious.

So, ho! for the preschools!