Is post graduation the next best thing in life or is it as good as sitting at home and watching TV? Is it worth a post graduation for an employee to grow in career?

Post graduation is certainly a mandatory course and not one that can be pursued with the lighthearted attitude of a graduate course. The question is, who is suitable for a post graduation? Certainly not all those who are eligible!

In India, post graduation is like a stop gap arrangement to many. Contrary to this belief, we would like to list out a few purposes of post graduation which we think is true.

The purposes:

  • Advancement of career.
  • Changing career from one vertical to other.
  • Increasing prospects.
  • Scope to do research.
  • To excel in academics.

Why post graduation?

Post graduate colleges in India are quite well populated and as good as the graduate colleges if not the same. If we conduct a survey as to why students are enrolling themselves in these courses, we would end up with the reasons stated above. This does not mean it would stop there.

In graduation, there are electives that are related, but when it comes to a postgraduate course in depth study of the elective is for the sole purpose. Graduation would enable students to get a generalized understanding of his/her electives making them fit to face the world. Post graduation on the other hand gives a student entry to specialize in a particular field to the core.

The tenure of a PG study for a doctor makes him/her gain essential knowledge to practice that. For example, an MBBS doctor would just end up as a general practitioner without a PG. While a PG can choose particular specialty like cardiology, or neurology to practice and do further research.

PG for career

Top postgraduate colleges in India are sought after for admissions as a PG from that college would be a ticket to a dream career. Many students strive to get admissions in these colleges just for this reason. Corporates and institutions would also invite candidates from these colleges with open arms.

In fact, in some fields growth is only possible with enhancement of skills and knowledge like a post graduation.

Post graduation is also preferable for those who want to switch careers. With the advent of E-learning and distance learning, more and more professionals are preferring the best post graduate colleges that offer the same.

Whatever the reason, postgraduation is always a rewarding experience.