Not too long ago, preschools used to be a past time of the local aunt who would take time out of her domestic chores and take care of the little ones. The activities ranged from creche to teaching basic things that would be useful when children eventually attended schools.

But today, the idea of preschools in India underwent a sea change. In their latest avatar, these educational institutes are swanky with play areas and gizmos. They not only create building blocks for the academic journey of the child, but also work on their physical, mental, and social skills.

We started our education directly from class I, but cannot even think of sending our child to the school at the age of five. Selecting a good preschool has become as important as selecting a good business school. After all, it is the first school of your child said S Mahesh, an engineer working in a multinational company.

Keeping in view the increasing awareness among parents about early childhood education, a large number of preschools with ultramodern facilities have come up in India in the last few years. Most of these schools have adopted a multi sensory teaching method for 360 degree development of kids with equal emphasis on logical, intellectual, linguistic and artistic skills.

Each preschool aims to unleash the imagination and creativity of the child by providing an environment which they can relate to with an element of fantasy and wonder. Facilities in international play schools in India include amphitheatre, sand pit, play area to aid learning by playway method, activity rooms, music, art and computer labs. These playschools follow a curriculum that includes plenty of time for physical activity, personal grooming and group activities.

These days, most families have both parents working. Preschools in India have turned out to be a major boon for them. Preschools help a lot in improving the social skills of children as they get a chance to meet with others and spend quality time in a safe and secure atmosphere.

With large number of preschools coming up in India, it has become a challenge for parents to select the best one for their children. Online education portals are a great help to parents in this regard. These portals provide the information about all the playschools in and around their area. You can also compare schools to select the best one.

Its important to sent the little ones to preschools because it allows them to explore and discover the environment around them to cope up with the competitive nature of the world.